About School

Never complacent, Goodwill School has always shown exponential growth in every area and today, we are one of those few schools in the Bahadrabad that practice a system of inclusive education. Our highly qualified team of Special Educators ensures that children with diverse needs are given individual attention. 
This is also one of a handful of schools where children who have special needs spend the maximum possible time with their peers – forging relationships, navigating new challenges and being given the best of both, specialized instruction and the proverbially precious school years. Here, at Goodwill School we make all available platforms as fertile as possible in order to enable growing talents to flourish and thrive.

We will ensure that a child’s interests and talents meet in a manner that is cohesive, constructive and creative. This is an institution where students become a part of a greater family; a place where the collective effort goes into ensuring that students, who come to us seeking an education, leave with a sense of empowerment and a realization of their responsibility, not only towards themselves, but also to the world around them.


NAME :Lavisha



NAME :Deepti



NAME :Komal



NAME :Priyanshu



NAME :Aniket

CLASS :10th